91 Dodge Dynasty Brakes/Grease seal


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91 Dodge Dynasty Brakes/Grease seal

I have a 91 Dodge dynasty 3.3 4 door. Thanks to all on the help with the drum brakes!

I have two questions-
1. I cannot get the old grease seal out, or the bearing the it seems to be keeping in. How do I do this?

2. Is there any safe way to knock out the 5 bolts from the drum without messing up the threads?

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1) The grease seal should come out by prying on it with a screwdriver and lifting up.

Throw it out---it should be replaced anytime you mess with the bearings.

2) Don't save the studs, they are finished. Pound them out with a lump hammer (they will come right out) and put in new ones, $10 in parts will do both back wheels. Using the nut, you will "Press" them into the drum, or you can tap it from behind till you get the stud all the way in.

When I do a job like this, I throw out all the bearings and seals in favor of new ones. 9 times out of 10, the bearings are WASTED. I just did my friend's Shadow recently, and both bearings and seals were under $25. And yep, his bearings were really finished.

You'll spend more in time, effort, and cleaning fluid to clean them .
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Im confused....... Since when do drum brakes have bearings and grease seals or studs(on newer cars) attached to the drum?
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This car has rear bearings and seals similar to a rear drive GM would have in the front hubbed rotors.

The studs are pressed into the drum as would be a GM style rotor on a rear wheel drive. That's how these are.

The front brakes are set up like most of the big 3's front wheel drive cars are on this vehicle.

Kelsey-Hayes, among others is the vendor for this system to Chrysler.

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