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My wife has a 1996 Nissan Sentra. I know, a lackluster car at best, but this car has 272k miles and the other day the check engine light came on for the first time. She was driving to work and when it came on she called me and told me that it came on but the car didnt seem to run any different. I said, OK i will bring my scanner home this afternoon and see what it is. I forgot to bring my scanner home, so I decided to drive her car and let her take my truck to work. She told me to call her if it was something bad or expensive. I scanned the computer for a code and found it had a (cant remember the number) EGR Low Flow code. I figured with this mileage it will probably need a new EGR valve or something else in that system. But like I always do I decided to check the vacuum hoses. Sure enough the little elbow that is about 3 inches long from the EGR solenoid to the valve was split and real soft. I said well, what have I got to lose. So I replaced the little hose and the light has not come back on yet. This car has the original O2 Sensors, Original exhaust, etc...... We have only replaced a few small inexpensive things on this car since new and it has been very reliable. The only time it has ever let us down was a few years ago we were going to Florida on vacation and around 1am the alternator gave up the ghost and left us on the side of the road. Luckily enough we were only a mile or so from the next exit and we got a room for the night and the next morning went and got a new alternator and battery and were on our way to a very enjoyable vacation.
My wife loves this car, she calls it 'The Tank' it gets her where she wants to go any time any where and she feels absolutely safe in it. It needs some work, but what car with that many miles wouldnt? I just recently repaired the major oil leak (she was putting about 2 quarts every other day in it) with a $3 front crakshaft seal. She drives 88 miles one way to work 5 days a week so I had to be sure it wasnt gonna let her down.
Just my rambling, thought someone would like something silly(but a true story) to read..... LOL
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It's all tempered on experience .

I love my GM cars. My 84 Olds has been through four teenagers, my aunt, my uncle, been driven off road, broadsided, "college dormroom", and then some. Now me.

I give it the TLC it needs, but it's my truck until I buy one . And the car never fails to deliver reliable service since 1996 when my uncle gave it to me.

Best part of it all? The cost of the car. ZERO .

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