Preventive Maintenance


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Preventive Maintenance

Even though cars and parts are different, is there still some useful life point at which a component that can look and seem OK can still fail and leave you stranded, and therefore when it reached that point you would just replace it to be safe? Because if it has gone long enough to fail soon it would be better to do it at your convenience than otherwise. For specifics, at how many miles would you feel uncomfortable at NOT replacing a water pump, fuel pump, radiator hoses, or battery? For example I have a battery that seems good and tests good but the eye is black and it is 7 years old, and I just didnt feel good having it in the car any longer. So I was wondering about other components and when to just replace them at a reasonable time for convenience and peace of mind. Or is this senseless?
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Best advice here is to look in your owners manual and see what they reccomend.

As for hoses, and belts visual inspection will most always tell you when they are tired. As for the Battery 5 years is about all I will allow mine to go.

Mechanical items, suchas alternators, water pumps, fuel pumps, etc. There IS no real way to tell. Kind of like a light bulb, you never know when it will blow..
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The owner's manual gives a basic maintenance schedule for routine items, which is a good start.

Better yet is a service manual for the vehicle. They often give nice checklists and what to check.

For instance, it might say to inspect a water pump when you do a timing belt or chain job. Makes sense because it has to come out to do the belt/chain. So, that would be a good time to inspect and perhaps replace a high mileage one.

If you're doing brakes, you might inspect your front end since you are right there.

If you have an eyeball to check things regularly, nothing that breaks on you should be much of a surprise.

(Sometimes things just happen)

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