Car Troubles, Far From Home


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Unhappy Car Troubles, Far From Home

I bought a '97 Toyota Corolla about three months ago from a Saturn dealership. I have a warranty covered by a company called Millenium.

I live in New York, and took a trip to see my friend in Boston for two days. On the way here, my car started making horrible noises. I was in the middle of nowhere at the time, and I got into Avon about a half hour after the noise started. It got louder and finally the car died.

There was a service station across the street from where I brought it. They informed me this morning that the connecting rod drove through the engine block, the engine needs to be replaced and that it would cost $2400.

I called Saturn, who referred me to Millenium. The guy from Millenium informed me that in order to cover me at all, they have to have the engine torn apart and inspected. If they decide that they are not covering the engine, then I am stuck not only with the cost of the new engine, but that of tearing apart the engine.

Time is short, I am in the wrong state and I need to know what are the chances that this Millenium inspector (who will appear in 24-48 hours) will not cover the repair.

Thank you.
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A tough call on this, warranty's vary from company to company. Did you read the "fine print". Lot of outfits will literally try to jerk you around. Look at contract closely. You did get a copy???
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I have a copy, yes, but it is home, in New York.
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Get the engine repaired, and call Millenium.

Tell them that they have a day to get someone out there to authorize the repair or you're going to start suing everybody in creation until someone takes responsibility.

Call the owner of the Saturn dealer and tell him he's going to get some paperwork from you too if someone doesn't own up to this heap.

Put the charges on your credit card for the repair if you have to pay---in this fashion they can be disputed/reversed/cancelled if there is a problem with the repair.

I ASSUME you have changed the oil regularly and that the car was in decent shape before this problem. Most times connecting rods go gradually as the engine wears out. Perhaps there was an oil leak in the engine? You DID check the oil before the trip (and hopefully changed it???).

Again, you want to show fault on their part and then wash your hands of the problem. Their problem not yours.

Get the engine fixed, pay for it on your credit card and then bill everyone in creation, suing them at the same time. Then you'll see who will eventually foot the bill.
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Alot of aftermarket warranties specify new,remanufactured or used parts at their discretion.As Joe said you need the engine you will most likely have to pursue repayment by other means.Good Luck.

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