10F Degrees diffence is normal ?


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10F Degrees diffence is normal ?

My old 1992 Acura AC work fine last summer. Air blow out cold even in super hot texas sun. But this summer it only blow out cool air. I measured the tempuratures:

Out side : 103F
Inside : 100F
Air blowing out from Vents: 89F

That's no where near cool. After every ride in it, I'm steambathed.
Is this normal for an AC in extreme hot weather?
How long does a new compressor usually last?
Do I need to recharge the refrigerant ( freon) once in a while? I owned this vihicle for 3 years now,and haven't had it recharged.

Thanks in advance
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Sounds like it lost the refrigerant.

Have it inspected by a certified A/C shop for problems and they can recharge it.

It probably has leaky O-rings around the various connections. If you see dark black oily stains on any connections, you have found your leak.
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mike from nj
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note for joe---on r-12 systems, you had an oily residue every time you had a leak

on r-134, you rarely if ever have an oily residue around leaks, (even with dye traces ) i heard about a year ago that manufacturers of r134 were going to put dye in ALL freon supplies, even from the factory on new cars---saves one step in diagnosing things, we'll see about that one.

this older thing probably has r12 though.
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Yea, this '92 should be R12

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