Engine light


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Engine light

Hello again, I forgot to ask this in my last question. A while back, in my wife's 98 Ford Escort, the check engine light came on. I took it to get a computer read out, the error the computer came up with was a "manufacturer's emissions control malfunction." Now, the tech said that all that was, was another way for the dealerships to get you to come in and spend an unnecessary amount of money. The car is running fine, belts look fine, fluids are all fine. Any insight would be greatly appreciated!
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Nope, he has a lackluster scan tool. The better ones CAN read the manufacturer's codes.

The cause of the light must be found and rectified. You can slowly ruin the emission control and the vehicle by driving on a condition like that.

Suggest a better shop or a dealership on this one.
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Emission control question

What does an emission control exactly do? I've never had a problem with it. Are they hard to replace?
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The emission controls are what make the car run well and pollute the enviornment less.

The check engine light tells you that there is fault in the system and that it must be serviced. A scan tool is used by the technician to "talk" to the computer and see what system is at fault. He/she can then diagnose what the problem is and correct it.

Driving with the light on is bad for the enviornment and your wallet. Emissions and fuel economy go hand in hand.

Time for professional service here. Any good shop should be able to correct the problem. Choose a shop that's ASE certified, they likley have a good scan tool and technicians to solve the problem.
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Also find out what the specific DTC (diagnostic trouble code) was. Being that it is OBDII compliant even a loose gas cap can set the light off.

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