fuel line filter


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fuel line filter

I have a 94 Crysler Labaran 3.0 liter. I want to know the easiest was to release the gas pressure before I remove the fuel filter?
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mike from nj
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with a cold engine(overnight cold) there shouldn't be too much pressure in the line, i usually just loosen the 9/32 (7mm) clamps, twist the hose and pull the filter off.

if you really want to do it, unplug the fuel pump relay, then start and run the car until it stalls, then crank the engine for another 5 seconds. this will lower the pressure to a very low level, however there will still be a small amount of pressure left, put a small drain pan under the filter.

if your car has 'quick disconnects' a little spray of penetrant (wd-40) it goes a long way to removing these.

if it has clamps, you should NOT be using conventional worm-type clamps, you should be using high pressure 'EFI' clamps, more money but you get what you pay for! if the original clamps are not stripped, they can be reused, some filters(from the dealer) come with new clamps in the box.

i've seen plenty of cars come in with the worm clamps, they usually don't leak right away, but the potential is there. just use the right ones and never worry about them again.
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Mike is correct.

Some of the aftermarket filter companies have skimped on what they supply on these filters.

When we did my friend's 91 Shadow this spring, Hastings supplied a bare filter. In the past it had the clamp and hose! LOL.

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