headlamp alignment


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headlamp alignment

how can you align your headlamps by shining them on your garage wall ?
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It's actually quite involved to do right . You have to have a level floor and know how to take the measurements.

Hoppy, for one maker, sell an alignment kit to do it. Look up "Hopkins Manufacturing" on the web in www.google.com
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mike from nj
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they actually showed us how to do this at training one time.

in the service manual---there will be specifications, distance from the bumper to the wall, height from the floor and distance apart. place a piece of tape on the wall at exactly those specs, cover one headlight and adjust the other side, one side at a time. the floor has to be level!

what actually happens in work--- park 20-30 feet from the door and adjust the heights of the center of the beams to about my shin/knee area, never had a complaint yet.

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