water pump '95 voyager

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water pump '95 voyager

does anyone have advice for changing out the water pump on a 3.0 L V6, plymouth voyager. It is my understanding that the water pump is powered by the timing belt or is the the timing chain (which really doesn't make sense). Anyway any help would be appreciated.
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Yes the pump is driven by the timing belt. Change it (the belt) when you do the pump. If the pump is bad, chances are it soaked the belt with coolant. Do it now to avoid double labor.

Use autolibrary.org below to guide you in the pump R&R, or consult a service manual (or Alldata.com).
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mike from nj
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your timing belt drives the water pump, however, there are engines with a timing chain that drives the water pump too.

it is an involved job, a lot of bolts to take off, reserve an entire day to do it if that's your intention(not hard, just very labor intensive)

timing belt is usually recommended at 100,000 miles(valves don't hit) it is only like 1/2 hour of extra labor to do the pump when the belt is off + the price of the pump and coolant(and the o-ring!)

mine made it to 127,000 miles on the original parts and the water pump was shot(very bad bearings---howling) the belt was original and if i wasn't any lazier i would have left it on to see how far it would make it. these belts seem to last a long time compared to other designs.

let us know if you want a step by step procedure

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