Dodges/Electrical Trouble Spots When Warm


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Dodges/Electrical Trouble Spots When Warm

92 Dodge Dynasty
Automatic Transmission

I'm wondering if I can get some helpful clues here.

I will describe the problem and, I want to know...what are the possible electrical trouble spots....

The car, ONLY after it gets warm, begins to cut/out and sputter, and I feel its electrical...because...the speedometer needle does not move according to the speed of the car, but will jump wildly at that very same time. When the car cuts out..the needle will JUMP really high, or drop to nothing and jump back up really high.

So, this leads me to believe that there could be an electrical component going bad that begins to show the symptoms when the car is warm.

I checked for possible bare wires under the hood, but found none. However, if it was a bare wire, it would have shown the symptoms when the car was cold too...

Any ideas?


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How's the alternator output? I have seen bad alternators do some funny things on many cars .

Use the test in my "The Basics" below to confirm.
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might check for shorted wiring at speed sensor or the speed sensor itself may be shorted which i have seen cause some chryslers not to start at all, if using the same power wire as the cam and crank position sensors use.
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the easiest thing is to make double sure the battery terminals are clean and TIGHT, no corrosion at all.

i can't remember which year they did away with a dedicated vehicle speed sensor and went to the trans output speed sensor.

look way down, right behind the throttle body, using a light, look for the 4 inch long extension housing out of the transmisson that leads to the passenger side axle. there may or may not be a sensor on the thing(on top) if there is, a three wire sensor, these are known to leak and eventually go bad, look inside the connector for fluid

hold on, i'll finish later tonight, there's a thunderstorm making noise close by
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if there's fluid inside the connector, it's days are numbered, however, this will not cause your surging problems.

if there's NO sensor on the output shaft(described above) then the speedometer gets it's reading from the sensor on the front of the trans called the 'output speed sensor'(under the battery all the way to the right). follow that harness, it should run near the starter, and very close to the exhaust manifold in the front of the engine, look for anything cooked or melted if someone replaced the starter and routed the wires incorrectly, the harness should run through the middle of the motor mount, not above it.

next check that same wiring harness where it runs near the a/c compressor, again it comes close to the exhaust, but more importantly, it comes close to that spark plug wire(#2). i remember an older bulletin from chrysler stating to move those two apart(the harness and the plug wires) there could be interferance from the spark plug wires inducing stray signals into the harness and causing the speedo to read weird, among other things. maybe it's time for new plugs and wires if you can't remember how old they are??

let us know if you get anywhere with this info

did you check for stored codes

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