1985 dodge d150 pickup


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1985 dodge d150 pickup

i have a 1985 dodge d150 pickup with a 225 slant 6 engine . it will not start in the mornings or if it si damp outside . i just had the carb rebuilt . and i put a new coil on it . also new plugs , and distributor cap . i also sprayed some silicone wire dryer on the wires . still it does the same thing. i also replaced the fuel pump and filter . it will crank over it just doesnt want to start . we checked the fire and it is getting orange fire . i cant remember if orange fire is weak fire . i thought it was supposed to be blue . if you wait until 2 or 3 in the afternoon on a dry day it will start right up . any help will be greatly appreciated thanks in advance
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mike from nj
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spark is spark---blue, white or orange--any spark will light gasoline, as long as it's strong enough to jump at least a 1/4 inch gap, 1/2 inch preferred. i hope you also replaced the distributor rotor too. a cheap chinese 'new' coil could be just as bad as the one you replaced.

if it has spark all the time, on all the wires, then it can only be a fuel related problem. too little fuel will make it not start as will too much.

what's your starting procedure, how long have you owned this thing. you should pump the pedal one time to 'set' the choke, then crank it for up to 10 seconds. if it doesn't start---hold the pedal to the floor and crank for another 10 seconds, this will clear a flooded engine. if you flood it too many times, you better change the oil before you have to change the engine!

who rebuilt the carb, i would take it back to them and leave it overnight so they could see what is going wrong and let them make a final adjustment, hopefully it's just a choke problem.

is the accelerator pump working? where is the timing set at? how many miles? what are the plugs gapped at? are all the vacuum lines hooked up and routed right? is the intake manifold leaking? ever done a compression test? are the valves adjustable(i don't think so, i forget the year they went with hydraulic lifters) you should know though.

let us know if this helps you, or you need more information
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Next step I would do is get a fuel pressure gauge and check the fuel pressure, both in the morning and in the afternoon when it's probably warmer. It may be a clogged fuel line that has fuel deposits that coagulate when cold and loosen up when warm. Replace your fuel filter and check the fuel lines for any 180 degree bends which is a place deposits would form. A rifle cleaner from a small caliber with a swab will work or pipe cleaners.
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thanks guys for all the help .we took the truck out for a drive today after some tinkering . and it quit on us so a freind of ours came and took the top off of th carb. and it had charcoal in it from the charcoal canister. he took the carb apart and cleaned it real good with carb cleaner . he unhooked the canister and it runs great now and starts every time thanks a lot
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Sounds like an ignition problem though .

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