94 accord air conditioning prob...


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94 accord air conditioning prob...

i have a 94 accord with abour 130,000 miles on it. It's a 4 cyl, 5 spd. When i turn on the air, the engine rpm drop, and seem to "lope". lope meaning the rpm's rise up and down. With that loping the eginge sometimes drops to almost 300 rpm's. Sometimes there is also a noise that i can only describe as the same type of noise that ABS brakes make when first turning on the car. But it's much longer and vibrates the whole car. If i reach up and turn the air off while this noise/vibration is going on, the noise stops immediately. so i has something to do with the air. The air is working fine now, we recently had to add some refigerant. any ideas as to what it might be???

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First of all, you shouldnt "hear" anything from your ABS brakes. You might hear the pump building pressure, but thats all. If you are getting vibration when you turn on the A/C then you likely have a compressor problem. Crank the engine and turn on the A/C and look at the compressor and see if the sound is coming from there. If so you will unfortunately have to take it to someone with A/C experience as this is not the backyard type of repair. A/C systems are under extreme pressure and can damage components and individuals if not handled properly. The rpm drop is normal to a degree. If it is dropping that low you may have a Throttle Position Sensor problem.
Hope this helps ya,

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