AC puts out a moldy type smell


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AC puts out a moldy type smell

We bought a car-1997 Toyota Camry-61000 miles-from a dealer in Texas. It runs fine but the AC has a distinctly moldy smell. We now live in Colorado for a few months but the smell has not gone away.

Is there any recommendations for how we can deal with the odor problem.

My brother jokes that all vehicles from Texas had to be floated down the Missouri river prior to ownership and that is the trouble.
Just kidding, but the odor is annoying
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mike from nj
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call a toyota dealer and see if they have any programs (or parts kits) to remedy this. your's isn't the first. (ask what they do)

repairs range from a new evaporator-to a spray to disinfect and coat the evaporator.

at a training class, we were told to help slow the problem, to shut the a/c system off and run the fan on fresh air for the last minute or five of your drive home(or to work) to dry the evap and prevent the ideal conditions for mold--a dark, moist and cool area. we were also told "fridgy-fresh" works real well, i've never tried either.

if this car was ever in a flood, the smell isn't from your a/c, try a new carpet, among other things(seats too)

dealers buy most if not all of their used cars from auctions, the origin of these things is usually never known, nor is the history of it, however the salesman will usually tell you any story they can to make the sale. some states have different title disclosure laws---guess where all the flood/totaled/ theft recovery cars end up.
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Also, make sure the evaporator drain is clear. If it is clogged, guess where all that moldy stinky air stays .
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We used the Fridgy Fresh stuff when I worked at Chrysler. It did a nice job.
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darrell McCoy
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fridgy fresh works pretty decent. So does plain ole lysol spray.
I will go along with Mike on the turning system off a few minutes before getting to destination. But then the lady folk wont agree on this sometimes. A heavy smoker contributes to the damp musty smell also. Regardless of who the wife "upsets" she will not let anyone smoke in her car. BTW, a fabric softner sheet in the cabin area will mask the smell to a degree. Seems this has been an age old ongoing problem. Maybe the "Snozzes" are more sensative????I dont appreciate the musty smells either, but I do appreciate the A/C in 100 deg. weather regardless.

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