Rust Spot!


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Rust Spot!

I have a 1989 GMC extended cab S-15 pick-up. There is a rust spot on the roof of the truck thay needs attention. I am planning to have the truck painted in a few weeks. Nothing expensive, because I rarely drive the truck. I would like to sand the rust out myself to save some money when I have it painted. What type of sandpaper do I need to get? Will I need a electric sander of some sort, or would it be better to do it by hand? Also, after I sand the rust out, what do I need to buy to put on the spot till the paint job? Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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You might just do it by hand, probably a 200 grit wet paper if it is bad, else go to 400 or so. Yes an orb sander would be ideal if you have or can borrow one. I have used a dremmel tool with a small brush, on small areas. Nickel or quarter size places. There are several good rust paints available on the market, however regardless of what you use, when they paint, it will be taken off anyhow.
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If you are having the truck painted, you are wasting your time.

Let the shop that's painting the truck handle all the work. In this fashion, they will be responsible for the body work underneath. If you do it yourself and it causes the paint to lift, you'll be out of luck.

You won't save anything by doing it yourself in this case.
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What you can do really depends on the size of the spot and the intensity of the rust. If it is real bad with pits in it, then you should probably use a D/A sander with some 80 grit paper to start and get the tough stuff off. Use a good primer on the spot once you have it all gone. Be sure to sand back away from the spot to be sure there is no other rust hiding under seemingly good paint. By the time you are done you should be using at least 320 grit paper to finish and feather the primer into the surrounding paint. One thing that is key here is if you are sanding to the metal, which you will be with the rust spot is to use a primer that has a sealer in it. You could opt to let the paint shop fix this problem, but it depends on where you are taking it. You said you werent planning an expensive paint job, but that was as specific as you got. If you plan to take it to like an Earl Schibe, or Maaco you should do the repair yourself as they dont do much in the way of bodywork. The important thing here is to know what type of paint is going to be applied and use a type of primer/sealer that is compatible so that there is no chance of the afforementioned lifting of the paint.
Good Luck and hope this helps ya,

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