Caravan front suspension


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Unhappy Caravan front suspension

1990 Dodge caravan. High mileage. Front right wheel feels like it is wobbling after sharp right turn. Felt so awful, I actually took off hubcap to make sure lugs weren't missing. Doesn't do it all the time. Quiet ride when driving straight ahead. Bumps/potholes don't affect it. Where should I begin? Wheel bearings? Tie rod end? Any insight would be great.
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Check the whole front end for looseness and damage as well as the wheel bearings and front axle.

Use below to guide you.
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mike from nj
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jack the right front up off the ground and grab the tire and shake it, grab it from the top and bottom, and then right and left, if there is any looseness, you need to get a flashlight and see what is loose, it could be a wheel bearing, ball joint or tie-rod, either way, you need to find out what is exactly worn--now!

yesterday(saturday), i was doing side work, neighbor's car failed inspection in june for front end looseness (95 caravan) when i put the wrench on the tie-rod nut, it fell out, only gravity was holding the tie-rod together, if this lady would have hit the right kind of bump, she would have lost all steering, with two kids in the car.

look at your car tomorrow--her description matches your's---steering wheel shaking after turns and at high speed too.

it might be a binding up axle(outer cv joint more specifically), in that case, it would be hard to check without actually taking it out, with a few hand tools you could take it out on a saturday or a day off and be sure, that's if nothing else is already worn on the front end, address that first.

let us know if you have any more questions and how it went

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