stripped threads on oil plug


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stripped threads on oil plug

I've got a truck with stripped threads on the oil plug and the truck has had a fixit plug in there. The old fixit plug was a T-shaped type that you stick a bar inside the oil plug hole and then tighten a cap over the hole. This T piece inside the hole has sheared off and I can't get it out.

I need to move the truck to a friends garage so I can pull the oil pan. I have a new fixit plug and I'm wondering is it safe to put it in, fill it with oil and drive it to my friend's garage? Will the inch long metal bar inside my oil pan be heavy enough to stay on the bottom and not get sucked into my oil pump? I'm guessing most oil pumps should have a screen on the end, if mine does, is there any chance of oil flow getting interrupted enough to harm the truck on the drive to the garage?

Any thoughts? Thanks
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Oil plug stripped


I have taken something flexible like plastic tubing or something of that nature, glued or taped a magnet to the end of it, then ran it up through the hole or opening and pushed it around along the bottom (in this case the oil pan) until the magnet came into contact with the item. Then pull it slowly to the hole or opening.

If you haven't already, try it and see, it does work.

Take care.

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The best replacement plugs out there are the rubber ones you buy on a strip in the parts store and put in with a syringe type tool. Try those.

Then, effect a proper repair by replacing the pan with a new OEM one.

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