brake noise?


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brake noise?

figured i would post this before i ripped into looking at it tonight. I have a 97 plymouth voyager 6cyl. 3.0 litre automatic with a/c. there is a high pitched squeeking noise coming from the front driver side wheel. it is there constantly while driving but goes away once in a while for a few seconds then comes back. it is not real loud but it is annoying with the window down and no radio on. this sound goes away when you apply the brakes or even if you are driving along at say 30 mph and just put a very slight amount of pressure on the brake pedal it goes away. there is no squeeling or grinding or anything when the brakes are applied fully. i was leaning towarfds maybe one of the brake pads being broken or something. any thoughts
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sounds like your pads are worn. Pad assemblies have metal "squealers" mounted on them such that when the pad wears beyond a certain point, the squealer sticks out past the pad and makes contact with the rotor. Applying the brakes can make the sound go away due to the pad making contact with the rotor instead of the squealer.
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Jack it up & take a look.
Could be :
Warn out pad
damaged Rotor
Or pad not setting correctly in the caliper
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if the noise goes away when hitting the pedal---it can only be the brakes, as already mentioned, look for the 'squealer' in the middle of the pad, on the edge, right where the wheel would bolt up(pointing towards the center)
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