Installing wheel bearing on 87 Voyager


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Unhappy Installing wheel bearing on 87 Voyager

Attempted to replace the hub-bearing assembly r/h. First I removed the old one which was supposed to be a press fit and only the outer race came with it. I now attempted to re-install the old assembly to bring to shop and it will not go the last 1/2 inch or so. Should I continue forcing it with a 5' pipe on my socket?
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mike from nj
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you need a hammer and a lot of big sockets to replace these old style bearings---or the right tools.

you will end up stripping the axle nut if you try to tighten it any further, they should draw together fairly smoothly.

i'm hoping you unbolted the lower ball joint to take the axle out, if not, you unbolted the two strut (big) bolts and you will need an alignment after this.

you will need a press to take the 1/2 race piece off the old hub.

what you can do now is take it back apart, unbolt the lower ball joint and remove it, unbolt the 10mm brake hose, take out the tie-rod end(take out the 18mm nut and hit the side of the spindle arm where it mounts into with a big hammer, a pickle fork will just destroy the boot, hit it like i said and it will eventually pop), then take out the three 13mm nuts holding the entire strut assembly on top----not the big 21mm strut spring nut. then you can take out the entire assembly(strut, knuckle, bearing and hub) you won't lose alignment this way.

call around to a few shops with a hydraulic press and see who charges the least to press your stuff apart and back together, when i bought a bearing for an electric pool filter motor, i brought the armature back to the napa store where i bought the bearing and they pressed it apart and together for a few bucks.

when reassembling----press the bearing into the knuckle all the way, bolt the bearing retainer on(three 13mm bolts) then press the hub back in to the bearing half way only!!! if you try to press it in all the way, you will ruin the new bearing, it will push out the rear half of the race. what i do is press the hub in half way, then use the axle and nut to draw it all together

if you are replacing the wheel bearing seal(on the back of the knuckle----you should be!) use the old bearing race as a seal installer, it is the perfect size.

ask more questions if anything is confusing, let us know how it turned out
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As noted, call around for anyone that can press the unit in.

Any parts store with a machine shop will do---as noted, if you buy the part from them, they will probably charge you minimally to press in the new part.

Best way.

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