knock sensor


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knock sensor

'89 Burb 5.7 TBI

Anyone ever heard of a knock sensor becoming too sensitive???

Mine's showing low level noise all the time (read at the ESC module). Truck runs much better without the sensor connected to the ESC module.
Any ideas???
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mike from nj
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the torque is very critical on these, too tight and it becomes too sensitive, too loose and it becomes ineffective. even if someone put lock-tite on the threads will cause this.

anything that causes tapping noises or even certain vibrations can set it off. exhaust hitting the body, weak motor mounts bottoming out, worn trans mount, a loose accesssory or a hidden broken bolt(allowing a bracket to vibrate against the block), noisy belt tensioner, maybe even a lifter tap---anything could potentially trigger false knock. it runs better because now you have no timing being pulled out by the computer.

if you have no pinging/knocking and it runs better, i would leave it unplugged(on my car) or i'd look for the cause of the false knock, maybe you just have a bad sensor, usually they just go dead though.
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What brand of sensor? Sure you used the right one????

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