9c1 caprice, break squeal as driving??


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9c1 caprice, break squeal as driving??

have a 94 9c1 caprice with four disc breaks have just checked all pads, however get an intermintent squeal from left front brake as I am driving down the road....slight touch to the break petal goes away for a bit...my mechanic says nothing to worry about probably just dust??? any ideas
thanks in advance
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time to change pads tab

some brake pads have a small metal tab that will touch the rotar when the pads wear to about 1/4 inch and when the brakes are applied the noise will stop
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mike from nj
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a couple things to check---as already said, it could be the 'squealer' indicating time for new pads, could be glazed pads--from overheating, from using them too aggressively, could be cheap pads($19.99 lifetime warranty) that are so hard they have no choice but to squeal, could be a slightly dragging caliper, causing the pad to ride the rotor all the time and overheat. next time the brakes are done, lube all the caliper slides, pad edges and the caliper bolts with 'never-seize' to keep everything free to move around. if the piston boot is torn in any way, the piston will seize and definitely cause this problem, remanufactured calipers are usually cheaper than the rebuild kit, price around. a bad (internally) hose will also cause this, even good pads slapped onto an un-resurfaced rotor.

like i said, it could be a lot of things.

did "your" mechanic look at the brakes or just listen to it.
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I had this same problem with a Ford, the front brakes would always make a faint noise, until you applied a light pressure on the brake pedal then it would quit. Like Mike said lube the caliper slides.
I took the calipers off lubed the slides and everything has been fine since.
This may or may not be your problem, but what worked for me.
Good luck

Edit for:
If you decide to lube the slides make sure you use brake grease.
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Also, 9C1 is a police optioned Caprice (it was probably a former police cars)

Many of them used agressive compounds in the brake pads, because noise is the least of problems for a cop car (stopping is...and these things take a beating).

As already mentioned, could be a host of things...
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many thanks

will check on the ideas, this was the chiefs car so he did not drive car hard,,,,,, bent the squalers out a bit so not them
but will lub the slides and take a look at everthing else
thanks again

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