Shake rattle and roll


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Shake rattle and roll

I have an 89 toyota corolla that shakes when I get up to highway speeds. Any ideas on what this could be here?
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Providing the past history and repairs on the car would be helpful.

However, without any other information, I would venture a guess at your tires being out of balance. Try swapping the front tires with the rear and see if that makes a difference. When was the last time your tires were rotated and balanced, how old are they??

Lastly, barring any other suspension problems, your shocks may be worn, however, I would start with looking at the tires.
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Could also be loose tie-rod ends, or even a loose bearing.

While your rotating the tires, grab the front tires and "wiggle" them in and out and see if there is any looseness.
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mike from nj
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check all those things---especially the tie-rod ends!!!
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Agree with all.

See "Read Here before Posting" for the type of info. we need.

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