rotors hot, is it normal?


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rotors hot, is it normal?

is it normal for your rotors to be very hot after driving around for maybe 6 or 7 miles in the city. i drove the car around for a about 20 minutes and came home and pulled the tire off to look at the brakes. i could barely touch the rotors they were so hot. is this normal, if not what would cause this. the brake pads are worn but they are not squeeling or grinding or anything.
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It's normal, don't worry about it unless there is a problem.
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Just imagine all the heat generated by friction when you brake. Then you'll learn to appreciate the good job your rotors and pads do (and why it's important to replace 'em with good quality stuff when the time comes. LOL)
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Brakes work by converting kinetic energy into heat. Lots of kinetic energy in a moving car.
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reminds me of a guy I used to work with..We had a car with a locked up caliper, and it tore up the rotor..We sprinkled a little water on the rotor to show the customer how hot it had gotten...(of course the water popped and sizzled..)The guy I worked with(for some unknown reason) stuck his bare finger on it..Burned the "tar" out of his finger...Then proceded to stick his index finger of his OTHER hand on the same rotor... A classic case of "double checking his work"????? Sometimes ya just gotta shake your head and walk away....
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It is normal, but hey could over-heat when the calipers freeze.

Lift up car and if you can spin the wheels with your hand without much resistance, it is normal. However, if you do feel heavy friction your calipers may need rebuilding.
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msargent, really got to thank you for a great laugh.

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