Stalling 1993 Honda Accord


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Question Stalling 1993 Honda Accord

My car is hesitating when driving or ideling after being cranked for only 2 min. This has been a sudden progression which began in the last 3 times drove and 1 time cranked in the front yard. Thermostate is not showing hot; although, it is blowing hot air out the vents. When it hesitates, it almost appears to loose an electrical charge or a fuel problem because once it catches again it picks up quickly. It will not idel w/o hesitating.

Car Notes:
1993 Honda Accord
4 cylinder
Fuel Enjected Engine

What I've already checked:
Pulled the top radiator hose off and ran the engine until it became hot. The coolant did begin to shoot out the radiator once hot.
Changed plugs and wires.

What I think it may be:
It may be ready to jump time and need a timing belt.

What I want to check and don't know how?
What I want to check is the fuel filter- where it is located?
Also, want to know how to pull off the distributor cap? Took off a protective covering and now I can't figure out how to pull off the middle piece... it must pull directly off or screw off?

Any advice would be appreciated.

Any suggestions on what the problem could be?1993 Honda Accord Hesitation
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Start with "Read Here Before Posting" and my "The Basics". Tell us some answers to those questions and it will guide us all better.
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Yes always start with the basics. The distributor cap is bolted on with 3 screws if I remember correctly and the rotor is also secured by a small screw.

Before you start ripping things apart, check this. Run the engine and listen at the distributor for any strange noises. IE Knocking tapping intermittently. If you hear any weird noises coming from the distributor. Prepare to replace it. Common problem, but not the only one. So just a tip. Check Joes post first

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