My A/C Front Seal Is Leaking...HELP!


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My A/C Front Seal Is Leaking...HELP!

I have a 1996 Silverado, Cheverlote Pick-up Truck. The seal is leaking from the front seal. The truck is also a diesl. I need to know how to change it for myself. Can you help?
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Whu chu talkin bout woolis?!

The seal is leaking from the seal?!

Are you sure the dolphin isn't seeping from the eskimo? LOL

You need to clarify a bit. Are you saying your AC is inop due to a leak in the system somewhere?

We can't help you unless we know what you are talking about.
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I agree.
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Hmmmm, let me see now. Trying to figure this out also. You may be throwing grease from the front bearing or losing your refrigerant, either way less your are qualified, need to consult a pro on this job.
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It takes a special puller to remove the clutch and bearing assembly from the compressor. Before doing this, the remaining freon would have to be removed. There are a couple different size snap rings involved, so you'd need those also. They also make a special seal installing tool for A/C compressor seals.
Once the seal is replaced, and the clutch re-installed, then you'd have to pull a vacuum on the system, then re-charge the system.

Besides needing special tools all over the place, I've seen MANY times in the past where the problem wasn't just the seal, it was the compressor shaft causing the seal to leak. If there are a lot of miles on the truck, it MAY be worth looking into just replacing the compressor, get a warranty on it, and be done.

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