windshield mirror


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windshield mirror

My windshield mirror is hanging by its wires. I have a repair kit to glue back on but is there a trick to get the metal button off the back of the mirror to glue it on the windshield first ?
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It all depends on what brand of car you have and what year it is.

Up until about 1990, mirrors were screwed on with either an allen set screw or a phillips head screw. Nowadays they are clipped on with metal clips and are truly a pain to get off. Even with the correct tool. Rather than explain how the tool works and where to get it, I would suggest un-plugging the electrical connector(s) from your mirror and then mount the lug part of the mirror in a vise and tap on the mating part with a 2x4 and a hammer while someone holds the mirror from dropping on the ground.

I did auto glass for 11 years and this is what I used to do to save myself a bunch of time and hassle.

In addition, make double sure when you use the mounting glue to have your windshield clean where it mounts. Use the primer liberally and don't hang the mirror for 10 minutes after gluing.
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Believe it or not, some glass shops will rehang the mirror for nary more than the cost of that glue you bought .

Another option .

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