a/c problem


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a/c problem

I have a 1998 Mercury Tracer and having problems with the a/c. I know the system is serviced, and no leaks are present however the compressor will not kick on and only warm air blows. Have checked power to the relay and even attempted to "jump" the compressor with no success. Is there a switch, relay, circuit (perhaps in the dash) that may be the source of the problem????
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There are alot of variables in the A/C system that will not allow the compressor to come on. How do you know that you have freon and no leaks? Have it checked by a A/C professional as A/C systems are very dangerous. Very high pressures.
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Did you turn on the ac by pushing in the button on the dash? How did you try to "jump" the compressor?

A simple test with a test light for power and ground integrity at the electromagnetic clutch will tell you if the compressor is trying to be energized or not. If OK Most likely you are looking at a bad compressor clutch coil.
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If you're comfortable "jumping" switches, and such, there is a low pressure cut out switch on the dryer bottle. Assuming everything is as you say, properly serviced, no leaks ect..This would be 1 of the first things I'd check. It's easy to get to, and quick to check.
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How did you check for leaks? What tools did you use?

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