88 Daytona Pacifica


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88 Daytona Pacifica

Hi there,I have a 88 Daytona 2.2 auto,with apx 100k.I just took it out of storage after about a year or so.I Changed all the brake lines.Last year about a month or so before i put it away i gave it a tune up.It was just turned over not ran.So i took the pugs out cleaned them up a little,checked the gap.But the car idles a little rough in gear.Should i put another set of plugs in?Also just under the throttle body theres a pipe apx.half inch around.It broke off at the engine so i just plugged it with a bolt temporarily.Would this effect the idol?What is that pipe for?Thanks alot!!!!!!!
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1. Did you have a full tank of gas during storage and did the fuel have a stabilizer in it? If not, stale gas could be your problem.

Not sure what your broken pipe is, but I would get that fixed as #2. If the pipe runs to a valve cover, probably PCV; fix it.
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The hose is most likely PCV hose. This will creat a major vacuum leak, even plugged if it is not a good plug. Some cars will not even run with such a vacuum leak.
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is this a turbo or not

a turbo adds a lot of vacuum lines and a lot more heat underhood, both of which should never be combined. if one line/hose breaks, many more will follow.

yes, stale gas without stabilizer in the tank would be my #1 concern with this

unless there is a large loud hissing noise from the broken hose, it probably isn't your problem.

replace the spark plugs and mail me the old ones, a month of running them won't even break them in, just don't confuse the new and the old ones, they should look identical.

drive it and see if it clears up with another tank of gas(hissing noises aside)

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