1987 Tourismo (Duster)


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1987 Tourismo (Duster)

I am looking for any and all information on the 1987 Tourismo (duster). Web sites, electrical diagrams, vacuum system, engine picture. I have a standard. I just got it and it is a fixer upper that I can learn on. As you probably figured out, I do not know much about auto mechanics. But I am trying to learn.

Any help is appreciated.

Thank You
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Find any post in this forum by Joe_F, and use the links he's got in the "signature" of his posts.. They contain some very good information, and some good links, like AllData..And feel free to ask questions!
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or visit your local library, you will be suprised by the amount of information there, and on car information too. mitchell makes some pretty thick books loaded with all kinds of good stuff, what i do is photocopy the important stuff.

if you can keep this car running good, you will have accomplished something major. the engine/trans/wiring/axles are pretty reliable. the carburetor was designed wrong from day one. stalls, sputters, runs on(dieseling), hesitates, pinging, are all common complaints with these things. a new carb sometimes fixes it, sometimes doesn't. it takes much experience to adjust them close to running good.

i'm not trying to discourage you, just warn you of a futile attempt of a smooth idle all year long. you should learn how to do a timing belt, common tune-ups, brakes, and all the other basic stuff if you plan to keep this thing for a while.

your own car is the best way to learn--it's how i started out.

ask away!
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I agree with all the others.

Shop manuals can be had on Ebay for dirt cheap on things like this, and I'd suggest you pick up one. You will learn a lot by reading it.

Also, another good source for these Mini Mopars is www.allpar.com

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