painting car


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painting car

I am going to paint my car, does anyone have any tricks or tips?
Most of the paint has chipped off and some spots are alredy starting to rust.
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darrell McCoy
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Hope you have had a lot of experience on this. You need a well ventillated dust proof environment,
that needs to meet specs. Paint, thinner, masking tape, hardener, clearcoat, strainers, good respirator, fisheye eliminator, finish prep, plus a darn good spray gun, plus dry air from a decent compressor. No tricks, just a partial list of what you need to start. Good paint materials are real expensive nowadays.
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As Darrell stated, that's a minimum equipment list for painting a car.

Depends on what type of job want. Body work and painting is an art. Some folks have it, some can learn it, some aren't cut out for it. LOL.

A half way solution might be work with a body shop on this project. Ask what you CAN do which will save money and allow the shop to effect a good paint job.

When I had some work done on one of my Trans Ams, the guy said, "If you bring it with the bumper off and dismantled, it will save you $300".

Worked for me
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There are no real short cuts to painting a car unless you are looking for it to look like crap
Just make sure that you block all the chips down to make sure u donít end up with divots
Also prime and reblock the spots
I would make sure you take care of all the rust spots grind them all the way down or sand blast them good before you bondo unless you have to but on new metal because if you donít it can come back fast or will take a while but it will be back
What ever you can remove off the car makes the job go easier and also after it is painted it looks better
I would pay a body shop to paint it for you other wise you can end up with orange peel and dirt in the paint and you will be wet sanding for ever
You can also have the body shop do the final wet sanding before paint so they can repair any spots that are no good
It takes a while for you to get the feel for doing bondo and sanding the car with out waves

Takes off what you can
Good lighting
If there are a lot of chips you should just strip the panel
Run a red scotchbrite in the real hard to get spots to insure the paint will stick
Remove all the rust there are chemical you can put on after
Prevent overspray tape up good
Tape off any chrome or plastic when sanding the area to prevent damaging what is near by
Last thing do rush take you time

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