running hot


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running hot

I have a 96 cougar. Last summer the cooling fan went out and it was replaced with a universal fan. Since then the car runs hot in stop and go traffic. Temp stays normal on the highway. I replaced the thermostat a week or so ago but it still has the same problem. It even ran hot on the highway yesterday. The check engine light also blinks from time to time and at low speeds the car runs rough.
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Which engine?

Throw out the "universal" fan and install the right OEM fan.

Flush the cooling system and replace the thermostat with an OEM Ford part.

If it's a 3.8, a head gasket failure is likely as well. Have Autozone scan your codes and tell us what they find.
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mike from nj
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make sure the 'one size fits all' fan is wired the right way, you want to draw air through the radiator, not try to push it out the grill (i've seen this!) 55mph of air into the grill will keep the radiator cool indefinitely, you would never even need a fan in the car if you drove this way all the time. at stops, when the airflow stops, this is when the fan will kick on and why it is normal for the temp guage to go slightly higher each time you stop or slow down for traffic. you also want the fan as close as you can get to the radiator to only draw air through it(the rad), not around the edges of the fan.

is the coolant topped off, overflow bottle too?
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