jeep front shacks


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Unhappy jeep front shacks

I have a jeep liberty with 26000 miles on it so I brought it to the dealer ship for warranty and recalls and explained my front end shacks bad when braking and he explained it was the brakes need changing and the rotators are warped.
? Should you go throw brakes so fast and should the rotors warp at 20000
also I rotated the tires and the front end does not shake as much but now my wheels screech around a corner
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Try putting the recommended air pressure in the tires and getting a wheel alignment for starters .

26k is about right for brakes, I have seen them wear out faster than that.

Your driving habits may be causing the warping of rotors. Hard use will warp rotors. Today's rotors are very, very thin compared to older cars and warp much easier.

Also, if you tightened the wheel lug nuts too much, you will ruin the rotor and cause warping.
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mike from nj
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i've seen more than once rotors warp under 10,000 miles. they make them thinner and thinner each model change to get .01 extra MPG. same goes for front pads, it ALL depends how hard you drive it and how hard you stop it. when i bought my car( a '93, bought in '99) it still had the factory retainer clips on the front rotors, meaning, they had never been off, at 110,000 miles and they never pulsated, an old man drove it.

tires scrubbing on turns means it's time for an alignment.

there's a book in the glove box called the owner's manual, following the maintenace schedule in there will lead to your car lasting A LOT longer than it will without maintaining it. try to follow the tire rotation schedule, this will cause all 4 of your tires to wear evenly and will save YOU the expense of a new transfer case, warranty won't cover it if you let one set of tires(front or the rears) wear down to nothing, i've seen it happen. also when you ever replace tires, replace all 4 at the same time, or you will be paying for a transfer case even quicker.

every other oil change (6500 miles) is a good time to rotate the tires.
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i am real anal about the car and i make sure i do the maintance (i have 2 little kids so the wifes car is up to specs) i was just not expecting the brakes to go so quick in my mind because i also have a 95 mazda pick up and never changed the brakes till about 80000 and they were not that bad
and with are other cars we just bought her a new car before it needed anything
i think that is bull just to get mpg since i only get 14mpg
and also my wife is not hard on the brakes i guess just suck it up and drive on
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sounds like you and the wife have different driving habits! a "mommy" that put-put's around town will go through brakes MUCH faster than someone who does a lot of highway driving, plus that Liberty is a LOT heavier than your tiny mazda p/u. I see all Jeeps in my shop need brakes roughly in the 25-30,000 mile range

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