Diesel or gas

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Diesel or gas

I would like to get get your opinions on a diesel or gasoline engine in a GMC 2500 or a Ford 250 truck. I have just bought a 29' 5th wheel RV and am considering these trucks. We plan on taking one long trip a year and many short ones. I have been told that there can be a lot of maintenance with a diesel engine.
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A diesel engine can be a good choice for a truck.

1) Many of them are as quiet as their gas counterparts now.
2) Diesels tend to get better fuel mileage than gas engines.
3) Some diesels equal their gas counterparts for power now.

Diesels have come a long way. The Duramax diesel by GM is one good engine.
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Jack, you forgot to mention the weight of the 5th wheel. I'd probably imagine that it weighs in the 6-8000 pound range.
If you choose gas you will need a big block with whichever manufacturer you choose and will wind up getting 7-8 miles a gallon while towing. A diesel will get 10-12 miles to the gallon while towing. Unloaded the diesel will get 75% more mileage than gas also diesel is cheaper. A diesel engine costs about 2 1/2 times the cost of a gas engine and will go 2 1/2 3 times the miles as a gas engine. Maintainance will be about the same costs.
In the rv community Ford and Dodge are the vehicles of choice to pull with. Dodges are put together very poorly however they have the Cummings engine which is most probably the best. Ford probably has the best package, a true diesel engine and mostly put together well. Chevy and GMC seem to be largely ignored with the rv crowd.
I've also heard of many transmission failures with the Allison Transmission hooked up to the Duramax engine.
Hopes some of this helps.
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someone hasnt ben in campgrounds lately al least in the south there are duramaxs and other gm'severywhere. i tow a 28 foot camper w/ my chevy 2500 5.7 gas it does good gets a lot better gas milage than 7-8 more like 12-16 its recently had slight cooling problem. but my max trips are about 3 hours. if i was going cross country i would definately prefer a diesel
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personally? you couldn't give me a diesel...
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next time you chevy die-hards look under the hood, look whose name is on your duramax computer, then you'll see who actually designed and built that engine. yes, at least the body is made by GM.

diesel maintenance consists of an air filter, an oil filter and a fuel filter, how is that equal to a gas engine??
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Isuzu, but they don't make the computer---outside sourced . Very little componentry is actually made by the OEM, it's sent out.

Chrysler is the "worst offender" with sending out components and makes the least in house. Lear and others have been known to design, ship and provide complete interior modules for example.

Back in the 70's Chrysler purchased their catalysts from GM at 3x the price of GM's cost because Chrysler couldn't design their own.

TI/Walbro makes their fuel system stuff. Delco does GM in house.

Actually, most big 3 diesels come from outside. Ford's PowerJoke, I mean PowerStroke is Navistar designed .

BTW: GM owns a good deal of Isuzu, so they could say it's "theirs" .

Diesel maintenance equaling a gas: Essentially a lot less to tune up nowadays than years ago, so it's "equal" perhaps.
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Hey Joe, what is it about the PowerStroke you don't like? At this time I don't have an opinion on it but most around here seem to think its the one to use. I may have a need for some pulling power in the future.

On a long trip out west I did notice most were pulling the large RVs with Dodge and Fords with just a few using GM.

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diesels do have alot of advantages but i would test drive both and choose which ever one you prefer, personaly i dont like them cause they make alot of noise compared to gas and they smell bad.
maintaince on both will just be changing fluids and filters at the required intervals until a component fails that requires replacement to repair, but dont expect to change your oil and filter on the diesel as cheap as what you could on a gas it will likely cost 3 to 4 times what it would cost for the gas engine.
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mike from nj
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in my opinion, diesel is the only way to tow (look at the reliability of a tractor trailer)

BJ---go to a dealer and ask to listen to a a new dodge or GM diesel, they are quiet now (electronics)
a diesel oil change is 2-3 times that of a gas engine, however you can go almost 2-3 times as long between intervals---no gasoline blow-by to dilute the oil--diesel is an oil.

if anybody buys any makes of a diesel truck BUY AN EXTENDED WARRANTY!!!!

on any car or truck out there---parts are very expensive, one trans overhaul will usually be more expensive than the warranty plan!

plus you get nationwide coverage, rental car reimbursement and the peace of mind that it will be fixed right(hopefully)from a dealer with the newest updated parts. (stick with a 'factory' extended warranty---not an 'aftermarket' one---they are a big headache)

something to think about
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Stinky, loud, and kinda long in the tooth in the design department. Also, not their design at all .

Not to mention fuel injectors for it will set you back 700 bones each as they are essentially electronic solenoids . Ford is off their rocker with the price of some of their parts.

The ones in the other vehicles are a bit cheaper .

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