car not starting


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Question car not starting

1995 Nissan Maxima 3l v6 dohc. engine turns but doesn't start up. replaced fuel filter, had fuel injection service done which cleaned out the fuel lines and cleaned the fuel injector heads. spark plugs seem to be in good condition. fuel pump does turn on when the ignition key is in. check engine light stays on. after the fuel injection service was done, car ran fine for 1 day. 2nd day was hard to start, but eventually started, now, once I get it started, it wants to shut down.
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You could have a couple of things going on after a Fuel Injection service. First of all they plugs may look good, but depending on the type of FI service (and chemicals) used coulf have fouled out the plugs. Try replacing them first. This will be a fairly easy and cheap fix (except that you may have to remove the intake plenum to R&R some of the plugs) Barring that you may have some buildup in your intake that didnt get washed out with the service and could have gummed up the IAC (if equiped) or the injectors.
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Most FI "services" are nothing more than money makers for shops as they do nothing in all reality. In very rare cases, it may help, but the problem is 99.5% of the time elsewhere.

As noted, the injectors could be clogged. Does the vehicle have spark? Also, has the fuel filter been changed since this "service"?

All that crud has to wind up somewhere!

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