'98 Prizm with a noise


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'98 Prizm with a noise


First, let me say that I love this web site!

I bought this car, 1998 Chevy Prizm, used in 2001. I have since noticed a lot of racket when going over railroad tracks, potholes, etc that seems to be coming from the front left side and high up.

Last summer, I took it to a shop and they replaced a wheel bearing, but said that they couldn't find anything else the matter.
The racket did not go away.

Now, a year later, it seems to me that I am getting a rubbing/friction noise when I turn left (bearing again?), but not a squealing.

Also, the front left racket is worse than ever when hitting even little things like my driveway's apron. I'm starting to get worried. And the front end seems to shake when stopping, especially when going down hill.

I did talk to one fellow who said that it might be a strut plate? that is loose, but I didn't have the money to have it checked out at the time. Now, I do, but was wondering it you guys have a guess since I've already had one shop not find anything wrong!

Thank you. I hope I've given you enough info. Maybe this is two separate problems?


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You should jack the car up and use a big pry bar and check the tighness of all the ball joints and such. Do it on the ground as best as possible first, then jack it up and check what you couldnt. It sounds like possibly an upper strut mount is giving you some noise. This type of repair is very tricky and somewhat dangerous as you have to remove the spring from the strut to change the mount. Be very careful if you choose to tackle this and post back for some in depth instructions if needed.
Hope this helps ya,
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Sounds like you've got a couple of problems there.

Shaking when braking could be warped rotors for one. As noted, front end and suspension problems are likely for the other noises.

If you brought it in to get fixed and the problem is still not solved, I'd be back there asking for some money back or the problem solved
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just checking back. I took the car to a local shop that has a good rep. Two different guys took it for 3 test drives. Then, they checked ball joints, sway bar linkage, struts...you name it. He said that they looked it over top to bottom. Their verdict was that it might be an upper mount bearing, but it would cost me $400 to just check it out. They said it wasn't a safety issue, so I chose to live with it.

The rotors were bad, so they turned them and changed the brake pads.

My noise is still there, but it doesn't bother me as much since they did a very thorough job.
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Sounds like it's mostly in order and good for you.

Check alldata.com to see if there are any bulletins that match your issue/problem.

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