Lifetime Brake Pads


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Lifetime Brake Pads

After wearing out a set of front brake pads fairly quickly on my truck, I thought I better check my 1988 T-Bird pads, as they were replaced 10 years ago. (I do not put a thousand miles a year on the car) The pads were well within the parameters of not needing replacement with the exception of the ends of the pads, which seem to be disintegrating from the outside in. Since the pressure on the pads in in the center, this may not be something that NAPA will replace, but they were closed due to the holiday. Any comments from the experts? Should I replace them anyway, even though they have plenty of life left in the centers?
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mike from nj
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if a pad cracks and falls apart, it usually happens when you are trying to stop, then when there is nothing left on that particular pad, you will have to pump the pedal like 5-6 times to build the pedal back up to stop.

i've seen this before on other cars/trucks, never to a point of failure like this, but i never take a chance, i'll always try to sell a brake job for the customer's safety.

i'm pretty sure napa won't replace pads for free unless they are worn to a certain thickness, but pads are cheap, why not just have a peace of mind knowing that the car will stop everytime
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darrell McCoy
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warranty's are like ---holes every body has one. I'd just forget about trying to argue them out of new ones, 40 bucks or so should get you a decent set of pads.
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Considering if I did that job, I'd probably throw out half the parts on the car from age and possible danger, I'd say the warranty would be the last thing on my mind.

If you're hellbent on getting a free set, I'm sure if you bang down NAPA's door they will send you a set.
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Also consider what is lifetime? Your lifetime? Or Lifetime of the pads? If the lifetime of the pads is up, so is it's warranty.

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