Low Oil Pressure Dodge Dakota


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Low Oil Pressure Dodge Dakota

My "Check Gauges" light came on yesterday momentarily and the oil pressure gauge was reading low. Checked the oil level and it is slightly low but still in the safe range. The engine shows no signs of leaking and as of the last tune-up, about 2K miles ago, the plugs appeared normal and the truck does not smoke from the exhaust.

On starting the truck just after this, oil pressure reads 0 for a second or two, then jumps up but is still reading lower than normal.

Possible bad sending unit?

1997 Dakota with 5.2L V8


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mike from nj
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possibly---unplug it and look at the connector for oil, any oil at all means it's bad

i hope you changed your oil regularly!! (3-4000 miles max)

this thing could have NO external leaks, nothing on the plugs and nothing out the tailpipe, but still burn oil like crazy----poor intake manifold design, the gasket leaks inside the engine and it burns it, they finally made a steel shim gasket to replace the paper one.

does this thing ping a lot--(oil burning)

let us know
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it's got only 36K miles and seems to run fine.

What do you mean by any oil at all on the sending unit? you mean around or on it before I remove it?


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If there's oil in the connector, chances are the sender has failed internally. In that case, replace it. Cheap part.

Have you measured the oil pressure with a hand held gauge? I would change the oil and filter and fill it to capacity, then do the pressure check.

A week or two later, do the check again. Keep monitoring it and noting how it differs. That will give some credence to taking things apart to have a look.

Could be anything from a bad sending unit to internal failure of the engine but you have to work in order to eliminate causes.
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