93 Fordf-150 starting plm.


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Question 93 Fordf-150 starting plm.

Hi I have a ford 150 str. 6, Auto, air
I went to get gas and shut it off, only to come out and it wud not start. I took off the cables cleaned them & and they were in need of that. The truck clicked and nothing else, I got a jump and still nada. Had it towed home. put a charger on it, again nada.
I jumped the solenoid and got 10 rapid clicks and stoped. I just went out there just now and tried it, had a lot of battery (headlights) untill I turned the ignition and 1 click and no more inside light but as soon as I turn off the ignition the light starts to come back on slow.
I started calling autozone and a-likes and was told to bring in the battery,alt,starter.
I got a broken leg and can do some things but to take all those off wud be a job.
Advanced help will be appreciated.
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Give the starter a couple of good whacks with a hammer and try it; if it then turns over - bad starter.
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mike from nj
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the interior lights going away when attempting to start is a usual sign of a bad battery.

if you drove it with real bad connections at the battery(like you said) it can easily drain the battery as you are driving, leading to it not restarting. some batteries never recover after being completely discharged(cheap ones especially)

jump starting anything with cheap(thin) cables doesn't work, mine are a good set of thick cables($50)--cars fire up instantly.

based on your description alone(without me seeing the vehicle), i'd start with a battery, then check the charging system--should be 13.5-14.5 at 1500 rpm---you could have two problems.

is there any way you can borrow someones battery 'for testing purposes' it would eliminate a lot, like a possible starter

i hope your leg heals ok, a very long story made short--i rebuilt a trans at home, went on vacation, broke both my bones in my ankle, had to install it after surgery with my cast on, in the street(as fall was fast approaching--i wasn't waiting 6 weeks) luckily i had a gopfer(go fo this, go for that).
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Heal up first. Health first, vehicle last .

Sounds like a bad battery and a couple of rotten cables. Change 'em out and you should be OK. Check alternator output as Mike stated.
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You might also want to check the negative cable where it attatches to the block. All to oftern on a FORD I have seen this corrode and cause this problem.

An easy way to tell is with a set of jumper cables, hook the Positive to the battery (as normal) then hook the negative somewhere on the engine block. Or even just jump form the negative post to the engine block (again with 1 lead of the jumper cable).
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93 Fordf-150 starting plm. fixed yeah

Hi, When I said I cleaned the battery cables I just did the top posts, inside annd outside well I look at the + side and saw that I needed to clean the wire going to the starter. After that it took off and started.
I can't belive my truck was down for five days. Well with my leg
and all it was ok to stay off of it.
I have to thank everyone that helped out.
I really use this forum on so many other plm's too
so thanks again
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Good job, glad you got it going, another fix that goes back to the basics.
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Thumbs up

It sure does. Good for you, good job.

Heal up and get better.

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