pls DIAGNOSE my '92 chevy TRANSMISSION symptoms?


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pls DIAGNOSE my '92 chevy TRANSMISSION symptoms?


1992 Chevy Cheyenne C2500 P/ tranny w/overdrive
just put a brand new 350ci engine!

Driving down the interstate I seem to have an occasional occurs when there is traffic...SLOW TRAFFIC...

Cruising at 60-75 prob...but when i have gone about 30-45 minutes and I have to idle down and slow to the 50-60 mph range... I get this downshift sensation and it seems to rev higher!

This continues until I can accelerate and get back up above 65 mph...

Well this was an occasional problem till last night...upon returning home (almost) after @1.75 hours of driving I came into some backed up traffic as I merged from one freeway to the next...idling down and merging...upon accelerating it happened again~~~~~~~~~~~~but this time it rev'd and then lost power to the rear wheels!!!...all gears...nothing!

Coasted over to the side, engine running but a slight sound of some grinding or vibration...

SOOO how bad? what to do? where to start?

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It sounds like when you changed the engine you didn't properly readjust the TV cable. You may have smoked it by this point. Did you check the fluid level? If ok and TV cable adjustment is ok, then start pulling it out.
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I'd agree.
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thanx, another question or 2...

Thank you for the replies...

I am a disabled Vet, actually between my sore body and the foul weather this wife insisted I have the chevy dealer install the new engine (she has GM employee discount), since I had no garage to work in...LOL!...but I do still enjoy doing what I can do, when I can do it!

Yes the fluid is fine!

Now I am no expert tranny man~~~WHAT IS A TV cable, and what is the correct adjustment?

AND...if it is smoked, should I pull and have it rebuilt or use it for a core & replace with a new or rebuilt tranny?

Thanx for helping out this shade tree mechanic!

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TV cable=throttle valve cable.

Try "700R4 TV cable adjustment" in

As I recall, it's kinda self adjusting, it simply rachets into place, but check with one of the sites on that.

There are thousands of sites out there with photos and information on adjusting these things. Also, try in my siganture file below as well.

If the cable is misadjusted and has lunched the tranny, I would turn it in for a GM Goodwrench unit. In this fashion, you will get a tranny with all the best parts and upgrades. GM improves these over time.
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thanx...really great information!!!

Here is what I learned locally...

17 bolt pan.


Shop says sounds like the lockout was falling and it was dropping out of overdrive...???...bring iot in and they will TEST IT OUT FOR $65.00!

(It sure sounded like, to me, it was dropping into something much lower than just DRIVE!)

Should I have it tested or would that be a waste of time and $$$ it can't be driven, and it sounds like all they are going to do is drop the pan and analyse the particles on the magnet???

Can get a used/lifetime warranty (test/repair-replace or $300 to pull and purchase price refunded if another tranny is unavailable)...$1685.00


GM reman'd 3yr/36k warranty for @ $2000.00...

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Depends on what they do. It's probably an hour's labor, so they are right on with 65 bones for that.

It could very well be going in and out of lockup at the wrong time. That is a computer controlled THM700R4, I do not believe it has a TV cable. (Some 92's could be 700R4, some could be 4L80E).

My vote? Get it to a GOOD shop that is willing to spend the time to figure out the problem.
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thank-you thank-you thank-you!

I revw'd as much info as I could find...

I also found other forums...great questions/descriptions~~~but the responses were nowhere as informative as I have found here!

One thing the other posts brought to mind was another symptom...hoped you guys could shine some light on the issue!

While accerlerating...occassionally there seems to be a resistance to upshifting...feeling as if it is over-revving and stuck in a lower gear than it should be...

immediately upon backing off on the gas pedal it will shift up and then you can continue to accelerate.

(I found several reference to this syptom, yet never an explanation!)

Why and what is this phenomenon?...and the fix?

Is it directly related to the previous problem I was having?

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Sounds like the problem the shop is describing. Suggest you find one you trust and get it to them for a look see.
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Go to the GM garage, you said you get a discount? Get a GM rebuilt installed, 3yr/50,000 mile warranty. Then if you are traveling or what ever, and have any problems go to any GM shop show them your paper work along with proof of required maintenance i.e.; fluid and filter changes when required and get a new transmission.
Thatís what I did with my 1990 Suburban when it needed a transmission.
Also had a transmission cooler installed at the same time.
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the symptom of not upshifting until letting off the gas is a restricted fuel filter or the tv cable adjustment.
The symptom of not moving at all and the grinding may not be related to the hunting at highway speeds.
I wonder, did they properly torque the flywheel bolts?
To adjust a tv cable, there is a metal tab on the cable housing right behind the bracket in goes into next to the throttle calble.
depress that metal tab, and push the nose of the cable housing all the way in. Then release the metal tab. Next, depress the throttle all the way to wide open(engine off) you should hear it ratchet back out to where it wants to be...
This is not an computer controlled transmission, with the exception of the torque convertor lock up.....
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Thanx to all for the above replies...

I went to the local dealer>>>used the discount & had the GM reman Tranny installed...

BEEN real busy with many other things...I haven't driven the truck much as it is the KNOCK-AROUND work truck...

I have a problem/question...

I am not worried as it is warranteed...BUT I DO WISH TO UNDERSTAND...

The thing shifts real nasty!...while accerlerating, in the 20-30 mph range when it shifts into the second gear....IT SLAMS like a real kick in the butt!

Seriously the 1st time I thought I had been rear-ended!

The only time it doesn't occur is if I let off the gas pedal briefly as I reach the spped range I mentioned...then it shifts smoothly...

It happens to a much lesser degree as it shifts to 3rd at the next higher speed range...





PS:...sorry about the delay in following up, but we have had to deal with ISABEL storm damage/insurance nightmares...and 2 deaths in the family...and then the holidays...with the contractors trying to fix the house back up...BEEN A TAD BIT DISTRACTED!...LOL!
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You paid for the repair allow them to correct the problem.
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The TV cable could be responsible for the high/hard upshifts but the temperature related symptoms don't sound like a TV cable. Could your tranny cooler in the radiator be restricted? Sounds like there could be some overheating problems there also..
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thanx Davo...I am uninformed...(***)

I am taking it back and I am having it fixed...I just was hoping an INFORMED individual could help me understand WHAT IS WRONG WITH A NEW TRANNY or WHY THIS MAY HAVE OCURRED?

So that when I do deal with them I am coming from a position of knowledge...

DEALERS are not known for their credibility!...and I have already been a round or two with this repair facility~~~trying to BS me and run up the charges!!!


Sam...(just looking for facts)
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It could be a valve body problem,accumulator problem, tv cable adjustment.If the 1-2 shift is the only one harsh it's most likley a valve body or accumulator.

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