99 civic Hard to start


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Angry 99 civic Hard to start

After doing the timing belt on this car it seems to run better however 4 days later it has problems starting when cold.
It cranks and cranks then seems to bind and then kicks over.
When the car is running it seems to run fine. It doesn't buck hesitate or anything else.
Once the car warms up however it will start normally time and time again till the engine is cold once again.
Any ideas???
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What reference/repair manual did you use when you changed the timing belt? Did you change the water pump at the same time?

This is not a job for the weary of heart as Honda engines are often interference and engine damage can result from timing belt woes.

Any trouble codes in the computer? Does it feel like it won't crank? What do you mean by "bind up"?
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I used Haynes manuel for reference.

I dont know if there are any codes in the computer?
How do you check?
The check engine light is not on.
I mean by binding that it cranks like it should but no start bu then it seems like the engine almost stops then fires up.

I was also thinking maybe the wires might have something to do with this since they are original and the car almost has 120k on it.
The cap and rotor have less than 20 k on them .

I did change the water pump when i did the belt along with all the hoses clamps and flushed the system even though it seemed spotless and installed fresh antifreeze.
Today on the way to work the car seemed to buck once but then ran normally.
After the car sat 15 hrs while I was at worked it started right up.
Yesterday was another story so was this morning.

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