Broken Bolt in Block - Removal Tech.


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Broken Bolt in Block - Removal Tech.

I have a broken head bolt in the back of my Chevy 350.

There is approximately 1/4" proud of the block. I have tried using my stud insert/removal tool but can't grab enough of the bolt.

I would like to try a tool that grabs the bolt externally before trying the easyout route.

Anyone have any tool suggestions and experience removing a bolt like this?
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Soak the piss out of it with PB Blaster and try using a Vice Grip to monkey it off.

Try an E-Z out from the parts store or hardware store or a left hand drill bit.

Sears also sells extractors in a kit, but I suspect you have those already.
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There is a special bolt extractor available..Last time I saw 1 was on a snap-on truck, tho.. It looks like a strange crow's foot. It'll use a 1/2 in ratchet or breaker bar. The good thing about this tool is the tighter, and harder you push on the breaker bar, the tighter the tool grabs the broken bolt..The bad thing is if this doesn't take out the bolt, not much else will. You'd then be looking at drilling and tapping.. When I got mine 6-7 years ago, it ran me $55.00 ..
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I had a bad experience using an extractor that broke in the stud I was trying to remove a while back, so I was a little gun shy.

I managed to get it out though using the extractor without breaking it this time, so now its time to put the heads back on.
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That item sounds good. Do you have a part # for it?

Original poster: Good for you. Job well done.

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