Bad Neutral safety switch??????


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Bad Neutral safety switch??????

I have 1998 Chevy Express G1500 Conversion Van, 5.7L, auto. The problem I am experiencing is that when the van is off and no keys in the ignition, and the brake pedal is depressed the door buzzer goes off. When the brake pedal is depressed when the van is running, the LED's dim on the radio and dash. Also, when the parking/headlights are on the cruise won't work but works fine when lights are not on. Is the neutral safety switch the problem? Any help would be most appreciated.
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Sounds like a short somewhere.Check all fuses first, you could be getting feedback.You should get a good wiring diagram.
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check your rear brake light bulbs as they may be shorted causing feedback to the park light circuit, as per the door buzzer could it be the same sound alerting you that you left your lights on with the key off?
also might check at any trailer connectors that may be installed incorrectly.
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Both posters are correct.

Also check for any known bulletins that pertain to this problem, if any.

I agree with the trailer harness deal. If the one you have is not a plug in type (that is NO splicing), throw it out, it's useless. Only use ones where there is no splicing required (such as Hoppy LiteMate).

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