'96 Isuzu Rodeo making noise...


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'96 Isuzu Rodeo making noise...

Help, please! Sunday night, my pastor told me his '96 Isuzu Rodeo (sohc v-6, unknown mileage) was running fine when the oil pressure gauge went to zero and the engine started to rattle. He said he drove it home and parked it, that it didn't lock up. We looked at the dipstick, and it showed full. I haven't heard the engine run, but his description of the problem sounds to me like the oil pump has gone south. Am I headed in the right direction, or is there somewhere else I need to look? Also, is the oil pump inside/behind the timing cover, or in the oil pan on this engine? And where would I find the oil pressure gauge sender? My thinking is to remove the sender, start the engine and see if there's pressure. Any other advice/tips/tricks would be greatly appreciated. Thanks tons in advance - Chris
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Yup, sounds like an oil pressure problem. Verify it with the gauge.

If you heard rapping, that's not good . That's the engine being starved for oil. Possible bearing damage.
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the obvious thing to check is for oil pressure, the sender unit is right up front, on the bottom, right next to the oil filter--it has the common size pipe threads too for a gauge.

i've seen a lot of things happen on isuzus, but never an oil pump go bad, it is splined to the front of the crankshaft, right behind the timing belt. most likely, if the oil pickup isn't clogged with sludge, something is bleeding the pressure out of an oil galley somewhere back into the pan "an internal leak"

lifters are known to click loudly when the maintenance is less than regular, no harm done here though, just an annoying noise.

but, if something broke, and is noisy and is bleeding the oil pressure off, you wouldn't know unless you start taking the engine apart

note(a big note): this engine is very labor intensive, not extremely difficult, just a lot of little details that have to be followed to dissassemble and reassemble. remember that when you think it will be easy taking the valve covers off or even the oil pan. if it's 2wd, the pan comes off in the car, if it's 4X4, you're taking the engine out to get the pan off!

start with the basics, check oil pressure, see where the noise is coming from, drain the oil, see what comes out with it, look at the oil with a flashlight, look for metal pieces or silvery oil, this will confirm the bad news.

keep in mind, if the timing belt tensioner goes bad, it will make a horrendous racket from the front of the engine, sounding like something is going to shoot out of the bottom of the engine at any moment, but, this will have no affect on oil pressure---fix that first.

let us know

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