tip for a car that smells


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Lightbulb tip for a car that smells

i a had to find a water leak in my mother in laws car they allowed the water to sit in it for a week to 2 weeks it was nasty smelling i mean so bad you could not stand sitting in it the hole carpet was wet from the trunk to the front seat.

Here is what i did first fabreeze it just so you can get your head in side of it next I used the shop vac and removed all the water last the best thing, use a dehumidifier just make sure you prop it up straight so the flows into the container. I left it in for 2 days and canít even tell there was any water in side and also help dry the water that was in the rug that the shop vac could not get
Hope this works it just something I tried and seamed to do the job
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If the carpet was still available, I would be throwing the old one out .

Beyond that, you might want to remove the carpet and try to steam clean it with a machine from Home Depot or a carpet place. That will probably work to some degree.
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i would replace the carpet but it was not that bad it was just the smell and i just shampooed the carpets the month before

if you want in stead of using a steam cleaner you can just use 2 diffrent brushes and you can scrub the carpet your self then use the shop vac to suck up the water while the carpet is still in the car and just leave the car in the sun for a bit and its like new
it was just a low cost way of doing it with out a lot a labor
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