Intermittent P0301 Fault Code


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Intermittent P0301 Fault Code

1997 mitsubishi mirage de has intermittent p0301 fault. I have checked compression, replaced all ignition parts, had injectors cleaned and inspected and adjusted the valves. The check engine light still comes on pretty regularly and the car will run terrible. Any help would be appreciated.
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I believe that is a misfire code. Have you checked the plugs and wires? First place to start.

Also, if the valve cover gaskets leak, they will soak the wire/plug in oil which may cause a misfire code.
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P0301 is cylinder#1 misfire.So my guess would be either the injector for#1 is bad or the power train control module,or the wire between the 2.This of course assumes the other repairs and checks you have done were done properly.Has you fuel filter been changed lately?Pressure checked with a good guage?Also check the mass air flow sensor for debris.
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Ran across a similiar problem yesterday, fixed it today.. P0303 and P304 codes.. Checked plugs, wires, cap, rotor, fuel pressure, fuel flow, injectors..Bottom line was the cam sensor was bad. (On a lot of foreign cars, they're build inside the distributor). We replaced the distributor with a re-man, and the car was good to go! Your car should, as best I remember have the same basic set-up.. AllData shold give testing procedures for this...
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For this car Alldata states to check these items in this order:

Check the injectors -> replace as necessary

Check the following connectors
A-70 (Injector #4 Harness)
A-71 (Injector #3 Harness)
A-72 (Injector #2 Harness)
A-73 (Injector #1 Harness)
B-40 (ECM)

Check the harness wire between the ECM and the Injector connector

Check the following items:
Check the Spark plugs, spark plug cables
Check the compression pressure

Hope this helps ya,

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