65 scout


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65 scout

i have an 1965 international scout. Its not roadworthy but it runs great so i just use it for going to camp and driving through the woods. Today i was under it pulling some weeds off the driveshaft when i noticed a shield that had a hole in it. I dont know if it is the transfer case or the transmission but it has gears in it. It is located behind the oil pan. Also the corner where it bolts on is busted off. I dont know how long it has been like this but one day it srarted making a grinding noise once in a while and someone told me it was the throwout bearing and not to worry about it so i didnt. Is the hole anythng i should worry about and if it is what should i do? Thanks for the help
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Sounds like a hole in the trans only proper repair is to replace it.Might take some looking to find one.
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after someone that knew something, obviously not me looked at it it turned out it was just a guard for the clutch assembly and it has a machined hole drilled in it anyway to for stuff to run out. Just glad it wasnt the transmission. Thanks
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IHC stuff can be virtually extinct. EBay is a good place to pick up stuff for it.

I sold some NOS IHC stuff there some time ago. Fetched decent money .

Sounds like it's been sitting for a while if you had to clear weeds from it , LOL.

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