dashbord lights


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dashbord lights

Hay guys how are you? well I have a 79 GMC seirra 1/2 ton 2 wheel drive with the 350 and a AT. My problem is that it is hard to read the dashbord with the lights on. I can bearly read 50 on the spead-O. And everything else is dimm. I am thinking about replaceing all of the dashbord lights. but I wanted to check here and see what you guys say.Is it hard to change the lights? Do you think it might be something else? And anouther problem I am haveing is that I want to change the radio. But all of the kits that you can buy at stores are for 82 and newer GM cars/trucks. Do I have to go to a car audio place and buy a specal kit for me to do this?....I hope this makes sence if not let me know and I will try to clear it up....and excuse me for my bad spelling. Thanks again guys.....Matt
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You will likely have to cut and splice the radio wires for older applications, yes.

GM used to make a conversion kit between old and new radios, but I think they discontinued it. Try www.crutchfield.com to see if they have anything.

Sounds like you either have old, dirty bulbs or a charging system problem.

As I mentioned the first time, before you tackle anything on this vehicle, pick yourself up a good shop manual and read, read, read read.

When all else fails, read, read, read read again .
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So whats a good manual? I baught a Chillton manual nut it just seems like it gives me general information on how to fix problems. It just seems to leave alot of info out. About the radio do you think that it would be best to have a pro put the radio in? I just rememberd, the dipstick gives me a bad reading. I just changed the oil yesterday and I put in 5 Qt.s(minus the amout that I spilled on the ground after knocking the bottle over ) and the oil line is like an inch above the full line. thanks again matt
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As I mentioned in my initial reply, a GM shop manual is what you need. Worth every dollar.

You can find them on Ebay from various sellers, at swapmeets or at www.helminc.com brand new.

At the same time you buy the shop manual, buy the owner's manual as well from Helm. It will give capacity information and operating instructions on the vehicle.

The Chilton manual is worthless. Too generic.

Probably takes 5 or 6 quarts.

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