Toyota Camry driveaxle problem


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Toyota Camry driveaxle problem

I was hearing some noise from the passenger side of my 94 camry. It sounded like a clicking noise when I turned corners to the right. I thought it might be bad u-joints in the driveaxle, so I jacked the car up and removed both wheels then started car and put it in drive. It appeared both axles were moving, but when I grabbed the passenger side axle shaft I could stop the motion , same thing on the intermediate shaft coming out of the transaxle. Did it become detached from the differential side gear? Stripped? Any thoughts? The driver side was fine.
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This condition is normal. You do not have positive traction on this vehicle. With the car off roll one wheel forward and if the other wheel turns at all it will turn in the opposite direction. If you have a clicking noise when you turn then you have a bad cv joint. Are any of the boots busted? Do you see any grease splatter around the axle boot area? This is the sure sign of which axle is bad. It can just be a small hole, but it has obviously been there long enough to sling all of the grease out and let the knucle run dry. Fix it ASAP or it could leave you on the side of the road.
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Wasted CV joint as indicated. Time for a rebuilt axle (most cost effective way).
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CV joint

Clicking on turn is CV joint.Do yourself a favor like Joe said replace the whole drive axle as a unit.To rebuild a CV joint is a real pain and not worth it.Go get a axle assy and put it in you will be lots better off.
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Indeed, replace the whole shaft. I recently rebooted and regreased an older chevy 4x4 pickup for a guy. He "Insisted" do it that way. Not many miles. Sure, boot kit is cheap as h___ but look out for labor and time involved.
Not worth it.

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