'92' mecury couger brakes


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'92' mecury couger brakes

Hey it's me again, I have changed the master cylinder, brake hoses,calipers,roters, brake pads and fluid but my front brakes are still locked up, when I disconect the vacuum to the boster the car moves but I have to use both feet to stop the car so either the booster is bad or the piston for the booster needs to be adjusted so it is flush with the piston on the master cylinder, the problem is that I don't know the proper procedure for adjusting the piston on the booster. Help me out please. brain
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Whoa Nelley.

Make sure the check valve for the line going to the booster isnt collapsed or cracked. Same symptoms as a bad booster.
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mike from nj
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did it do this before you replaced the master cylinder, someone could have easily given you the wrong one.

if not, some master cylinder pushrods are adjustable, right under where the cylinder bolts onto the booster.

get it so the brakes are locked up, then unbolt the master cylinder mounting nuts 1/2 turn at a time (leave the steel lines hooked up) until the brakes release, this will give you an indication of how far out of adjustment the pushrod is.

you really should be reading a manual or something technical, like the "right" way to do this, not someone else's opinion off the internet!

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