brake noise question


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Question brake noise question

2000 Kia Sephia 1.8DOHC 4 Door Sedan

I have noticed recently that often when I hit the brakes I hear the sound of air being released (sounds kind of like steam or air wishing)-and unfortunatly I can not really tell where the sound is coming from. Does anyone have any idea what that could be?

I am wondering if it could be some mechanisms in the break, since I have had other strange break noises within the last few months (occasional schreeching, and when I stop the breaks often make sort of a hydrolic sound-like a very light clunk, and sometimes when I break lightly when stopping slow there is a rythmic metal tapping sound). Unfortunatly, every time I have had a "professional" look at it, the sounds tend to disappear right before the appointment and the mechanics say it is just "normal sounds from my semi metalic pads", and declare the car is fine.
Any advice you can provide is appreciated.

David Kiley
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The hissing sound could be coming from either your brake booster if equipped, or some part of the ABS system. The rythmic tapping sound could be the ABS pump attempting to maintain the correct pressure. I hate to say this but this is definately not something you should attempt to repair yourself unless you have knowledge and experience with ABS brakes. ABS components are under extreme high pressure and can severely hurt or even kill someone if handled improperly.
Hope this helps ya,
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My car is not equipped with ABS, but it does have power-assisted brakes. What would likely be wrong with the brake booster, if this is the problem? I've never replaced one, is it easy enough?

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I'd agree on the booster, but make sure the hose and check valve going to the booster from the intake are OK first.

That will cause the same symptoms as a bad booster and I have seen these items go bad.

Usually, the brake pedal feels hard when the booster starts to go.
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Would a bad brake booster also cause a thump/cluck sound when you come to a complete stop? I recently had the front pads replaced, and shortly after noticed the thump when coming to a complete stop (and then later the hissing sound). If the thumping/clunking is not related to the booster, what could it be?

Also, is it ok to drive if the brake booster needs replaced (until I can get it fixed).

David Kiley
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I also noticed the thumping/clunking deminishes after a real bad rain storm- does this indicate a lubrication problem of some sort?

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