Ignition in Camaro


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Ignition in Camaro

I am wondering how to get the ignition out of my steering column of a 1986 Camaro. When you turn the key, it just turns without starting the car like ther is a linkage rod or something broken. Can you help me?
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Does the ignition switch move the same as before when it worked properly? I mean does it feel the same? Does it stop, spring back, have the same pressure as before? If so you may have a linkage problem or an electrical switch problem. Which will not involve replacing the mechanical ignition switch. Let me know.
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mike from nj
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take the bottom of the dash down--under the steering column and look on top of the steering column with a flashlight, the ignition switch is down there and controlled by a long rod from the 'key' part of it.

look for that rod to have popped out or the switch mounting screws to be loose or even the switch to be broken, you can take it from there.

if that rod isn't moving when turning the key, it's a big job to take apart the upper part of the column, you'll need some good literature as there are a lot of little pieces that have to be assembled in the right order for everything to work, also make sure the rod doesn't pop out of the top part as your playing with the bottom part--not a fun day when that happens.

let us know
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As both guys said, ascertain where the problem is. The GM ignition locks do wear out, but sometimes the rack or rod gets out of adjustment.

The lock cylinder job is not hard, you have to be patient, neat and have good photos as Mike stated. Also, you will need to buy or rent some special tools to do the job (Autozone can rent them or they are about $40 total in Sears).
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Could be a problem if tilt steering (specialty tool). If vehicle was from a previous theft/damage (not stated) a "kit" is available with steering collar, rack,...
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Which "specialty" tool are you referring to? I have serviced many of these and found that the needed tools are available everywhere.

Some time ago only Kent Moore may have made them, but the patent likely expired and K-D (they make the Sears tools) and others have this stuff now.
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